Saturday, April 17, 2010

Michele Oka Doner - Artist and Style Icon

Some of my posts have been about my personal style and interior design icons and my decorating style has been highly influenced by them.  Another one of my personal favorites is the artist Michele Oka Doner, an  inventive maker of sculpture, jewelry, furniture, functional objects and handmade books. Her work is very influenced by organic forms and executed in bronze, wax, silver, clay and other media.  Her art is organic, but elegant, sophisticated and playful, on a large scale or very small, like a piece of jewelry. Oka Doner's work has been widely exhibited and I can highly recommend her book "Natural Seduction," a fantastic portfolio of her work.  Photos of her gorgeous atelier and living space in Soho are featured below and looking through the images, I want to go out to nature and start collecting and looking for artistic inspiration.  I also wanted to mention Michele Oka Doner's always impeccable clothing style, she is a true style icon and I am looking forward to seeing future works of her to come.

Atelier images courtesy of New York Social Diary.

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StylishBird said...

Oh my gosh, amazing post! I love her. That table filled with coral is stunning...well they are all stunning really.

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